Monday, November 1, 2010

Birthday boy


Yes, you are three years old now! You've only been asking for weeks now, which is why we had to start the birthday chain. I cannot believe it! You are such an amazing and smart little man!

Cool things about you:
You like to sing about everything...brushing teeth, washing hands, getting dressed. It all becomes part of your own little song.

You are polite, most of the time, and remember to say your please and thank yous. You enjoy praying before we eat and before bedtime.

You are a wiz at your letters and numbers. You know all 26 letters and numbers up to 20. You can count to 20 and to 30 with little help. You've even been known to do a few math problems. (3 cookies minus 1 cookie leaves 2 cookies for later.)

You still LOVE to read. I have to make you go to bed. But not before you always ask for more books.

You love playing with your puppies.You like trying to catch them in the yard. Emma has finally come around and even snuggled with you the other day.

You like snuggling with Daddy on Saturday mornings to watch his "fix-it" show.

Your speech is average for a normal 3 year old. What progress we've made! You just started speech today with Ms. Carmel and see her once a week.

You, like your mama, must have your drink of choice in the morning. Mine is coffee, yours is warm chocolate milk.

I love you to the moon and back! Happy birthday!