Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mickey or bust!

We have been planning a trip to Disney for the past year. My husband, who is a band director, will be taking some of the kids from school. Luckily, Ian and I get to tag along.

Ian found out a couple weeks ago and has since been saying, "I excited see Mickey!" So, we made a countdown for him keep up with how many days...

...and today's the day!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Hippity, hoppity

After seeing the "Happy Easter Bunny"

Easter Bunny came to see Ian!

Checking out the Easter goodies!

After church

Lil' slugger! Tee and bat from the "Happy Easter Bunny"

He got to see his Great Bennett!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Nightly ramblings

Ian went to visit his great-grandma Bennett yesterday.

Mama: "Ian, did you have fun at Bennett's?"
Ian: "Yes, I play air hockey. I want play more. Mama Clydie [his grandmother] say, "No, it's time to eat." Bennett say, "Want Waffle House?" Ian say, "No, I want chicken." We go get chicken and Pediasure milk.

Haha! And this was all in one breath. He told me a whole story! I called my mom to confirm his story, which she said was spot on.

By the way, Ian is back up to his pre-surgery weight and is probably a bit bigger. That boy loves Pediasure! The pediatrician recommended it to fatten him up about a year ago. We did it for a while, but it can get pretty expensive. We started giving it to him again a month prior to surgery and now he's hooked! All he asks for to drink is "Pediasure milk". At least it's good for him.


Oh yea, he's one cool dude!