Thursday, April 15, 2010

Nightly ramblings

Ian went to visit his great-grandma Bennett yesterday.

Mama: "Ian, did you have fun at Bennett's?"
Ian: "Yes, I play air hockey. I want play more. Mama Clydie [his grandmother] say, "No, it's time to eat." Bennett say, "Want Waffle House?" Ian say, "No, I want chicken." We go get chicken and Pediasure milk.

Haha! And this was all in one breath. He told me a whole story! I called my mom to confirm his story, which she said was spot on.

By the way, Ian is back up to his pre-surgery weight and is probably a bit bigger. That boy loves Pediasure! The pediatrician recommended it to fatten him up about a year ago. We did it for a while, but it can get pretty expensive. We started giving it to him again a month prior to surgery and now he's hooked! All he asks for to drink is "Pediasure milk". At least it's good for him.


Oh yea, he's one cool dude!

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Kelly Rogers said...

I love the last picture. Ian just looks so cool in his glasses and Elmo attire. Very, very hip. So he likes Pedisure, huh? I may have to try that with Gavin.