Sunday, November 9, 2008

"I have some bad news..."

"...He's not a baby anymore, he's a toddler." Sad, huh? Ian had his 12 month check-up Friday. The good news is that Ian has gained some weight and is moving up on the chart. He is now at the 10th percentile for weight(19.8 lbs) and 25th for height(29.5 in). Last visit he was in the 3rd for his weight. It's comforting to know that he's plumping up a bit. It's become noticeable by looking at his little chunk legs. They're so cute! Everything else looked good as well. The doctor guessed Ian would be walking in 2-3 weeks. He will take a few good steps every now and then, but then he goes back to crawling. Soon our little tot will be running around the place.


Allison said...

you scared me! congrats on having a toddler! What a handsome guy.
I still pretend Abby's a baby. perspectives change when there's already a bigger one in the house. I think Abby will still be a baby in another year, even though she's walking and talking now.

Heather said...

I missed commenting on this... yep, your little Ian is smaller than my boy, but such a cutie!!! He looked so happy on his birthday, digging into those presents!! Love that little sweater too. Such a little BOY now!