Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Ian was set up to have his second set of tubes put in Monday. We went to the pre-op yesterday and everything seemed great. We were even told Ian would not have to be poked to get factor (for his mild hemophilia). That is not the case.

Instead of going ahead with the tubes for Monday, we will have to wait until a date in January because the factor has to be administered at the main OR and the ENT is at the main OR on Fridays only. Of course he is.

Now for a little back story: Ian went to the pediatrician for his 2 year check up. Everything looked good except his tubes had come out. No biggie. So, I scheduled an appointment with the ENT and plastic surgeon, in case Ian needed anything else done at the same time. (Ian has mild hemophilia, as mentioned before, which means prior to surgery blood has to be drawn to determine his level. Then, he has to have an IV with factor to hopefully get his levels where they should be. We then have to wait a bit, draw more blood, and only then is it surgery time. I wanted to spare him of going through that twice, if possible.) The ENT said he definitely needed tubes, which we knew. He also said Ian's hearing in his right ear was not where it needed to be because of the drainage, which the tubes would fix. The plastic surgeon saw no issues with his palate, but did want Ian to be seen by the speech pathologist because of his nasal-y speech. Okay, fine. We call to make an appointment with the SP and the earliest they have is January 19. Not early enough for me. I called other times to see if there were cancellations, but nope. We decided that since Ian could not hear well, which could  impact his speech, to go ahead with the tubes and just hope the SP saw nothing that needed correcting.

I'm just frustrated. I tried to do what I thought would be best for Ian, but it didn't work out. There are no other ENTs in the office that could do the procedure any earlier. Maybe it's a sign from God, but I am still frustrated.

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John, Shannon, Broderick, Camden, and Adalynn said...

I can imagine your frustration....I am wishing you the best of luck as you determine the right course for Ian. Have a Merry Christmas and remember all in the Lord's time!