Friday, January 29, 2010

27 months

Here are 27 fun things about Ian:
I have to admit that I borrowed this idea from Avie and Amelia's mom.

1. He doing a great job potty training. Although he is in Pull-Ups(because I am not brave enough to let him wear big boy underwear alone), he has done great going on the potty several times a day.

2. He still loves brushing his teeth. We brush at least 3 times a day. He usually finds a way to sneak in an extra brushing. Can't hate that though.

3. He is speaking in 6-7 word sentences.

4. He can sit through two Dr. Suess books. His favorites? Green Eggs and Ham and The Cat in the Hat.

5. He is counting to 20.

6. He can identify his numbers to 10.

7. He can identify about half of the alphabet.

8. He wants to be completely independent. How come nobody warned me about this "terrible twos"? No, he's not terrible, he's just very opinionated. For example, when I try to help him do something he will say "No, no, Mama. This way."

9. He likes to take off his clothes feel the breeze. He thinks it's funny to strip down and run around the house.

10. He can spell his name. Now if only we can get him writing it too :)

11. He still is a very picky eater. I guess we'll manage.  We are actually giving him Pediasure twice a day to "fatten" him up in prep for surgery.

12. He still loves helping Mama cook and has gotten very good at mixing without spilling everything on the floor. He's still not quite a pro at breaking eggs, but he's getting better.

13. He loves to conduct "his band", i.e. Mama and the baby Mama watches. Luckily she is a good sport about him switching around instruments and barking directions.

14. He loves his puppies. Jake(the newest addition) has already outgrown our beagles, which unfortunately means his size and puppy excitement means he knocks Ian down a lot. Not-so-unfortunately, Ian could care less. He loves getting Jake's puppy kisses once he's down.

15. He is a pro sweeper. "Mama sweep?", he'll say, which means he wants to sweep too.

Okay, so maybe 27 things is a bit much, but cute concept, right?


The Dawkins said...

For my 21 I was getting desperate....I love writing it down b/c it will help me remember what she was doing....and getting into

John, Shannon, Broderick, Camden, and Adalynn said...

Such a neat idea! My oldest is getting ready to turn 100 months and I have already started writing his.....trying really hard to get to 100!

Kelly Rogers said...

Ha! It was a nice thought, but I can see how 27 might be difficult. It's great that he loves brushing his teeth. Gavin has 4 teeth now at 13 months and we need to start brushing, too. Hopefully he enjoys it as much as Ian.