Friday, July 30, 2010


What kid doesn't love to get mail? Or course they get cards around the holidays or on their birthday, but what about every other day? The solution: pen pals!

I came across an idea in a blog a while back. Kids whose parents "knew" each other on blogs wrote to each other.
Ian has started writing his name, but that's about it. I think mailing a letter to a friend would be a fun weekly project. He'd get to "write" a letter, put the stamp on, and put it in the mailbox for the mailman.

Anyone interested? If you feel comfortable enough, email me. We can set up the details. One thing: I have to have had several comments from you. I want to make sure I'm not going to be giving out our address randomly.


Amanda said...

Not sure if I've left many comments, but Twyla (my little sister) and Camden (my daughter) would probably love to! We've been writing my cousin at boot camp and they LOVE it. Let me know!

Heather said...

It's an awesome idea, but Aidan doesn't even care about presents yet! Maybe when he's a little older... : ) Ian is looking SO cute these days!!

The Dawkins said...

Avie would love it!! She and Amelia always ask if they got any mail....I always give them junk mail which they usually fight over. Just email me the details

Kelly Rogers said...

Such a cute idea! If Gavin was older, I would totally do it! But at this point, he just likes to eat paper, so he would make a lousy pen-pal. Ha!

Kari Marchelli said...

Hi! My name is Kari. I just finished reading through your blog. I am almost 31 weeks with my first baby, a boy, who is going to be born with a bilateral cleft and lip palate. I just want to say its so nice to meet other families going through this experience. I enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to more updates on Ian