Monday, February 18, 2008

Doctor Visit

We went to Scottish Rite Friday to see Dr. Bennett, the hematologist, and Dr. Granger. Ian weighed in at 13.10 pounds. We discussed plans for Ian prior to surgery with Dr. Bennett. The day of surgery he will have some blood drawn to determine for sure if he has a factor 8 dificency or von Willebrand. It is necessary to do it that day since the levels can vary so much. Dr. Granger put the nose stents on the NAM. Ian was not a big fan, especially since it was nap time. I don't think he even notices them now and they do not have an impact on his feeding. He's still a little chunk! :)

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The Ski's said...

Ian is adorable! What a great roller you have, too! Reid is about there! I don't know if I want to see that happen yet or not! More mobility is around the corner! Ha! Ian looks super. 13.10 pounds, huh? Wonderful! He is catching up to Reid who is about 15 pounds now. Now, that's a chunk!!! : ) Have a great day!