Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Smiling faces

My favorite smiles from the past month.


The Ski's said...

Hey, Mary! Glad to see things are well. Little Ian is so sweet. I LOVE the picture with the tongue sticking out. It reminds me so much of Reid's face that he makes like that. Too cute. I am glad things are well. Ian looks great...and so glad he is a good eater for you! We are getting a bit nervous for palate surgery. We are wondering how it will all go. We have about a month until surgery day. Reid has plenty of weight to spare, though (86 percentile and 97 for height) which may help him out if eating is a stress. Ian is too sweet, though...and love seeing the new pics! Take care!!!

The Dawkins said...

Love the pics

Krissy said...

These pictures are so cute! And that is great to hear that Ian can make "b" and "d" sounds. Drew has been making some "b" sounds since his palate repair, but no "d's" yet.