Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What we've been up to

Visiting the park. Ian got to see the geese for the first time. He was very intrigued.

Reading. He loves books! Sometimes he'll go straight to a pile of books and flip through instead of playing with toys. I must say that it's quite adorable to watch him turn the pages.

Rockin' out. Playing with his piano in his room. If he get into it, he'll shake his little bootie.

Football games. Watching Daddy's band at the first home game with Grandpa. It was Ian's first marching band experience. He loved the music! I was worried he would be fidgety, but nope, he was content watching the game and listening to the stand music.

Standing. He pushes this thing around. He's gotten much more sure of himself, so we're thinking he'll be standing solo pretty soon.

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