Tuesday, June 30, 2009

First speech therapy session

Ian's therapist came to our home today for the first official session. She gave us different exercise assignments to work on over the next couple of weeks; a few include:

*wiggle tongue and stick out as far as possible (That's good to teach, right?)
*blow bubbles
*drink thick drinks through a straw (Ian had a Chickfila milkshake today. Hey, doctor's orders.)
*use a whistle
*use a big-boy cup each day
*bite small pieces from a bigger piece of food

The exercises, most of which we were already doing, are intended to strengthen Ian's mouth muscles to better produce sounds. The pressure sounds Scottish Rite wants him to produce are not supposed to be mastered until 2, and some, even 3 years old. They need to know if he is capable to determine if he will need a surgery to help correct his speech. We are hoping speech therapy will help. No one wants another surgery.

As far as his word production goes, he is doing great! At least I am impressed. He has started talking much more and attempts to say pretty much everything we do. Scary, right? New words include, but are not limited to:
side (for outside)

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Heather said...

Wow, interesting stuff!! Our therapist gave us a packet of things to try with Aidan this summer, but I imagine in the fall, things will get more specific like your list.

That's great he'll copy what you're saying - I think that's really impressive!!