Saturday, June 6, 2009


Yesterday we met with the people from Babies Can't Wait. Since Ian was born with a cleft, he automatically qualifies for the services. It was determined that a speech therapist would come to our home twice a month, starting on June 30. How awesome is that? They, the therapist and case worker, reassured us that the pressure consonants we were told to work on(p,d,t,b) should not be mastered by now. Most children do not have them completely mastered until about two and half. [Sigh of relief.]

We set up goals we would like to accomplish in Ian's speech. After 6 months of therapy, we would like to see better production of the pressure consonants. After 12 months, we would like to see more understandable communication by Ian.

He has started using more words on a regular basis. For example:
hot (pulls hand away quickly)

He has started signing:

We are excited to see what else he will be learning in the next months!

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John, Shannon, Broderick, Camden, and Adalynn said...

Adalynn also automatically qualified for services. After they came each month for a few months they decided to reduce it to once a quarter. CRAZY!! At her last visit she even suggested discontinuing services---but that made me too nervous. She is talking very well and has no delay, so the therapy is all precautionary. Hopefully Ian makes great gains and grows just a quick!