Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ingredients for vacation

A few Sour Patch Straws

Several dashes of snuggle time with Teddy

Lots of walks on the beach

Some of your favorite people

A bit of time on the harbour

A nice walk on the peir

A sprinkle of sand (Add more if desired.)

Mix some new swimmies with....

...as much pool time as one can take.

One good nap one the beach

A dash of phone time

Mix all together and let bake in Fort Walton Beach, Florida for approximately 7 days. When finished, it will be slightly sandy and a bit browned all over.

1 comment:

The Ski's said...

Looks like heaven!!!! Can't wait for us to have some warm beach time....probably not until next year, but that's ok! Loved seeing it through Ian's eyes!