Friday, July 10, 2009

A lost ring, run-away dogs, and an ear infection

That pretty much sums up our vacation this past week. That's not to say there weren't some good moments, but these are some of the not-so-goods that stand out:

1. In the intense sport that is body surfing in waves, my lovely husband lost his wedding band. No, I wasn't mad, just maybe a little upset. To his defense, the waves were a bit brutal. My mom lost her shades in the same wave. Somehow I feel the ring was a bigger loss. The crazy thing is that not so long ago we got married on the same beach where the ring was lost.

2. My father-in-law agreed to watch our dogs while we were on vacation. The dogs decided they wanted a little vacation of their own. We got a call from a neighbor saying he found one of the dogs and that he had seen one of the others roaming the streets. We frantically call my father-in-law. He finds one of them at a near-by school and the other one relaxing on the front porch.

3. Ian woke up screaming last night. He is normally a very good sleeper, but considering that he was sleeping in a strange, new place I thought maybe he needed to sleep with us. He attempted to snuggle/kick/sleep on top of his Daddy all night. This morning we noticed some drainage and decided to call our home doctor who recommended we find a local clinic. After a trip to the walk-in clinic we learned Ian had his first ear infection. Lovely. He's been a trooper all day, taking his meds like a champ. Luckily it's our last day at the beach, because I have a feeling our Ian/new little fish would be a bit upset about not being able to swim.

Happier stories and pictures to come once we're home.


Joy Howse said...

I pray that Ian is doing much better by now with his ear infection. Poor little guy.
Dale lost his wedding ring as well and is now on to his second one. (at least he hasn't moved on to his second wife.) :) he lost his at work when he was management and there was a strike and he was working 20+ hours a day. The ring slipped off and he never saw it again. Major bummer, but since he is a meat cutter i always says, better the ring then your finger being gone. Enjoy the rest of your vacation. Can't wait to see pics.

John, Shannon, Broderick, Camden, and Adalynn said...

I think my husband is on ring #3 or #4....I can't even remember now. I stopped buying nice ones awhile ago and now we just get them at department stores instead of jewelry stores.

Hopefully your vacation improves and little Ian starts feeling better. Adalynn has yet to have an ear infection---we are still waiting. Leave it to my cleft affected child to never have an ear infection and my oldest is on his 3rd set of tubes (at 7 1/2 years old) because of recurring infections.