Sunday, January 13, 2008

Scab free!

The nasty scab has finally left us. Ian popped himself in the mouth while we were grocery shopping and that did the trick. We called Dr. Granger and left a voicemail. Hopefully we can go to Scottish Rite this week to get the new NAM, which should be finished by Wednesday.

Ian met his other great-grandmother yesterday. It's crazy how much a baby can make everyone get along. He was such a good boy, cooing and smiling at everyone. He's going to be such a little ladies' man with that cute smile of his. I'm glad we had the chance to visit with her and she seemed to be quite pleased as well.

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Darcy said...


First of all, congratulations on the bundle the Lord has blessed you with. He is adorable.

Somehow I happened to come across that you link to Rachel's blog. I'm honored. I hope you won't mind if I do the same.

It's always so nice to 'meet' other families who've been there done that, or in the process. I'm going to bookmark your site and come back often and check on little Ian.