Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Our first look at his new face right after the recovery room. The poor little guy was tuckered out after the hour and a half surgery.

This is the morning after surgery. We just happened to catch him in his favorite sleeping pose, complete with "welcome sleeves". He's wearing leg warmers over the braces to keep the velcro from scratching his precious face.

Here he is trying to snuggle with Dad. Ian didn't understand that he would not be able to rest his face on Dad's shoulder without hurting himself.

Getting some much needed rest. He slept so well the night after surgery.


Allison said...

You guys, he looks awesome. He is such a strong little guy, he will come out of this beautifully! How are you holding up? I hope you are doing ok through all of this. It can be exhausting, but it looks like you have a lot of help; I loved the video!

Best Wishes! Allison, Abby, Nick, and Ella.

Jessica said...

he's beautiful, as always! i'm still praying for you guys! love, jessica b.

John, Shannon, Broderick, Camden, and Adalynn said...

Wow! Dr. Williams is as great as Dr. Burstein. He looks awesome. I hope your recovery goes smoothly. You are now part of the "been there, done that Club". Welcome!!!!

Wendy said...

Ian looks so good! Isn't it amazing the difference surgery makes? I couldn't even imagine Rylan looking any different. I didn't want him to change, but now I can hardly remember him with the cleft. His newborn pictures look odd to me!

Rylan has palate surgery in 12 days! I'm dreading the liquid diet! He loves his table food!

I hope Ian's recovery is easy! I will be thinking about you and will be checking back for updates & pictures!


The Ski's said...

Ian.....YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Love and prayers sent to you. I can't believe how great you look!!! Blessings to you all!


The Ski's said...

Mary....I did post a surgery photo on our site for our family and friends to continue to pray for Ian and your family. If you don't want me to do so....just let me know, and I will take it down. Prayers to you all. Ian just looks fabulous!!!!

Julie said...

He looks wonderful!! Hope he's feeling okay today.

Mark, Allison & Tessa Joy said...

You have a handsome little man. :) I only pray that our little lady will have a nice smooth surgery like Ian had. Hope he's doing well in the recovery process (that's always the toughest part). I'd love to hear how he's doing with eating and well as pain levels. Blessings to all 3 of you, The Fieldhouses

Erica2204 said...

I am overcome with joy and so thankful to God for keeping Ian safe. He looks so beautiful!