Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Ian was Baptized Sunday. After church, family and close friends joined us for a meal at my mom's house. Everything was wonderful! We were so blessed to have our loved ones there to celebrate. Thank you to everyone who came! It means more than you know!

Ian with Daddy and Mama

Ian being presented to the church

Proud Granddaddy

Great Grandma Bennett and Granddaddy

The Grandmas and Great Grandma Bennett

Playing with his cousin Jacob and new toy giraffe

"Aunt" Amy- Our good friend from college

Aunt Suzie

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The Ski's said...

Yipeee...congrats on a great day! How special for you all! Ian looks just great. I am also glad to hear that mealtime is going well. He sounds like he is on the same plan for feeding like Reid. Has Ian had any problems with not being able to go to the bathroom since you have started solids? Our daughter did just fine, but Reid is really having a horrible time. Not fun for us. Also, he is still up at night to eat. What a stink! He shouldn't be. Maybe Ian should come over and teach him how to sleep all night! Hope you all are well. Love the pictures!