Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Ian has really enjoyed eating solids 3 times a day. He wakes up around 7 every morning, has a 6 oz. bottle, and some kind of fruit. I usually mix the plain fruits like applesauce and bananas with oatmeal cereal to give them a thicker consistency. It seems to stay in his mouth a bit easier. He's also tried prunes, pear/blueberry with oatmeal already mixed in, and apples with vanilla and mixed grains already added. He seems to like all the fruits. He has another bottle after his morning nap. Every now and then he will get some apple juice in a sippy cup and a cookie before midday nap time. Most of the juice ends up in his tummy, but some does end up on his tummy. He has taken well to the idea of the sippy cup, but is still learning exactly how it works. Lunchtime is around 1. Fruits are usually on the menu again, but sometimes it's veggies. Another bottle follows afternoon nap. Dinner is around 7. We already know he's not a big green bean fan, but I still give them to him. Last night he ate some with sweet potatoes, which he really enjoys. I don't want to give up on the greens all together. Hopefully he will develop some liking for them. He has also had turkey, ham, spring veggies with rice, carrots, squash, and peas for dinner.

Chocolate, strawberries, milk, honey, corn, and eggs are still on the no-no list for allergy reasons. I think he has plenty to tide him over until then.


Tara said...

Hi Mary. Yes, Judy Rowell keep me updated on your adorable son. I like ot ask b/c he is so close in age to Ramsey. I'm glad you like the bib too. If you don't mind I'll add your blog to my list of freinds so I can stop by and say hello from time to time and see what a month older baby is up to. Thanks for thinking of us as we look forward to Cope's homecoming. I can hardly wait!

Jenson's said...

Ian just looks so happy. What good little guy you have. I love his smile.