Thursday, May 8, 2008

Splishing and a splashing

Ian just started using his big boy tub. He loves sitting up during bathtime and splashing all the water. The toys are fun too, but I think he'd be satisfied with just a bucket of water. I wanted to capture his expressions with the camera, but I knew it would get soaked if I did.


The Ski's said...

Ian, you are such a big boy! Look at you sitting up so well! I think Reid and you could get in a heap of trouble together!!!!! You are such a sweetie!

The Ski's said...

Please tell your mom how much I so enjoyed her sweet of her to check in on Reid. We feel so lucky to have met such WONDERFUL people through Reid's cleft. We never would have imagined this journey that we have been on, and just thank your mom for being a supporter of our family. Tell her I agree with her....Reid will HAVE to meet Ian someday.....I think that is a MUST! Take care...and have a great day!