Sunday, August 30, 2009

22 months


You are such the big boy now! You want to try to do everything yourself: brush your teeth, get dressed, buckle your car seat, and put on your shoes, just to name a few.

You having starting potty training. Of course, you must bring your joy of books to the potty. (I know this picture will get me in trouble when you're older.)

Your vocabulary has grown so much; you know 55 words easily and it grows each day. You can identify the colors red, blue, orange, and green. You picked out a shirt yesterday, telling me it was "bew". You can count to four out loud and to three using your fingers.

You still love your books. We read at least 3 every nap time and 3 more at bed time. You love, love, love, to climb. We go to Monkey Joe's, an inflatable play area, at least once a week. Last week we went twice! You are Mama's helper in the kitchen. You especially like to make cookies and muffins, you know, to test to make sure the "candy" is good enough.
You like doing crafts with Mama.

You love the water, whether it's bath time or swimming.

You are a very sweet boy, especially with the baby Mama watches during the week. You will be a good big day. The only time we have trouble is when you want to be independent, which mostly happens in public.

We love you, little man! And we love the little person you are becoming!

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Erica2204 said...

I sure do love him too!!