Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Our baby/big boy

I am watching kids, or babies rather, this school year so I have gotten out all of Ian's old toys. He seems to really be into playing withing with them...literally. And no, I did not help him or encourage this behavior, even though I think it's cute.
"It's cool if I play in here, right?"

Ian sporting his new big-boy bag. The lady at the store asked me of he was getting ready for school. To which I replied, "NO! He's still my baby!" ...in my head, of course. Goodness, let's not make him grow up too fast. They do that all on their own without our help.

Looking like such a big guy with his new haircut and bag.


Tara said...

he is soooooo cute!

Joy Howse said...

Very adorable! Aiden likes to climb in the swing at church and sit there like a little baby. He even fell asleep rocking (that poor motor tryin to move his big self).