Tuesday, March 2, 2010

24+4 months


You are talking up a storm! You have a pretty good vocabulary, considering you got off to a late start. I like to call you the "little parrot". You repeat everything! I love that he uses "I" instead of "Ian". It makes him sound older though, which is the downside.

You still love to help Mama in the kitchen. You help cook at least one meal every day. (Even though you don't eat most of them. I'm still hopeful that will turn around one day soon.)

We are working on manners, which you do pretty well with most days. You use your "please" and "thank you" the most, but also say "yes sir" every now and then. And Mama eats it up! I hope you keep such good manners....Although your table manners could use some work.

Love you, little man!


Joy Howse said...

Cute picture!! He sounds so grown up. Sad when they loose that babiness! :( but exciting to see them growing into little boys. :) My little guy (two tomorrow) says the cutest, "yes ma'm" when I ask him if he understand me when he has done something wrong. I am not sure if I am ready to embrace the independent twos are run as fast as I can from them. Guess it is ready or not here I come. :)

Thanks for the update. Seems like my little guy is keeping right in step behind your little man and growing up WAY too fast.

Kelly Rogers said...

Ian seems to be growing up into quite the little man. Gavin has become a picky eater lately, too. All he wants is milk and graham crackers. I am hoping he will outgrow it, but since he's about a year behind Ian, I may still have a way to go!