Thursday, March 4, 2010

Big day ahead

As I sit here on the eve of Ian's surgeries, my mind and heart are in a bind. It's very difficult to think about everything for tomorrow, so all I do for now is ask for prayer:

Prayer that Ian will be calm,

Prayer that the doctors will do a great job,

Prayer that Ian will be in little pain,

Prayer that Ian will be able to eat after surgery,

Prayer that Ian will be willing to eat after sugery,

Prayer that Ian will heal quickly.

Thank you in advance. I'll write tomorrow when I don't feel like I'm going to cry thinking about the big day ahead.


Good Remedy said...

Praying that is going well today. For peace about the surgery and for the surgery to be successful!

Holly's mom

The Dawkins said...

I am behind...what is/did he have done? Hope he will be back to normal fast!!

Joy Howse said...

Said my prayers and continuing to pray for his recovery! Update when you can. Whether it is the first, second, or tenth surgery it is still really hard. Many prayers and blessings.