Friday, March 12, 2010


It's been a long week. Ian had a new set of tubes and a pharyngeal flap procedure last Friday. The flap surgery was to eliminate air escaping from the nose, or "achieve nasal competence". Everything went well on the surgeon's end. They seemed pleased with the results so far. Ian will continue speech therapy through Babies Can't Wait. He will also be starting therapy at Scottish Rite with Dr. Riski, the speech therapist who recommended the procedure. He is still having trouble with "oral pressure consonant sounds". We've already seen some progress, but we still have a long ways to go.

Waiting to be called back, showing off his neat hospital bracelet.

Resting after surgery. The hardest part was seeing him in pain; he cried for a long time after he was brought back from recovery.

Enjoying a couple bites of ice cream. He's on a soft foods diet for at least 2 more weeks, which means none of his favorites: chips, popcorn, and Cheetos...

Playing tic-tac-toe with Daddy. He got to make the board with the Lowe's workshop people. Great way to distract from the pain.

After 2 nights in the hospital, finally getting to go home. 

"Bye fish!"


Heather said...

So glad it went well! But I hate to see those surgery pictures. : ( Poor thing. Hope the soft foods diet is going ok. Aidan would be in heaven on that one! haha

Can't wait to hear about the progress and if the surgery really helped!!

The Dawkins said...

Poor Ian, hope he is doing better. We saw Dr Riski and Avie just took right to him...the last time we saw one of his techs I guess..she breezed in and breezed out, not nearly as impressed.

Tara said...

I am so glad for you all that that part is over. Wishing Ian continued recovery.

Joy Howse said...

Thanks for the update and glad to hear that all went well with the surgery. praying that his recovery will continue to go smoothly over the coming weeks and that his speech will make improvements by leaps and bounds.

Kelly Rogers said...

I'm glad to hear that the surgery went well. Poor Ian. It's so tough when our babies have to go through surgery. It never seems to get any easier. I hope that Ian heals quickly and all goes well over the next few days.