Thursday, March 6, 2008

Four month pediatrician visit

Ian went to the pediatrician Tuesday. He weighed 14. 6 pounds and was 24.5 inches long. This puts him at the 45 percentile in weight and 30 percentile in length. Dr. Blevens heard a heart murmur while listening to Ian's heart. However, he said that since this is the first time we've heard it, it should be nothing to worry about. It's something we will have to look out for in the future. Besides that, everything else was healthy. He seemed happy with the progress Ian has made in growth. Ian had five vaccinations, with one taken orally. He did a great job! He's such a champ! He did have a little bit of a fever later that night, but it was nothing a little pain medicine couldn't help.

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Erica2204 said...

Josh had a heart murmur when he was a baby, but I've never heard anything else about it. Hopefully it's nothing to worry about!