Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sippy cup suggestions

We're thinking about starting to give Ian a sippy cup after his lip has healed from surgery. Do any of you cleft parents have suggestions for a particular cup that worked best? Ian will still have a cleft palate, which may make it too difficult for him. However, we'd like to give him the chance and see how it goes. Thanks for your help!


thefieldhouses said...

Hi Mary, I am also a cleft mom to my daughter Tessa Joy. I must admit...I've been keeping up to date with how Ian's doing. :) I don't really know how I found your blog, but I'm so thankful I did b/c they are quite similar. Tessa is 11 months and is going in for her lip correction surgery on April 22nd. We will be praying for your little guy on Tuesday.
Regarding the sippy cup question...we actually just went through this ourselves. We found that the NUBY "no drip" sippy cup works quite well if you slice the middle part of the mouth piece with a razor blade (that way when he bites on it it will open up.)
Also, we've had Tessa on the Pigeon nipple since birth and she actually has taken quite well to drinking her water out of the nipple. We have modified this as well by slicing the "X" on the tip to be a tad larger (with a scissors). Anyway, she's loving the ability to drink water on her own. So much fun to watch her do it by herself! :)
I highly recommend checking out a Cleft Chat Group in Yahoo. There are lots of very knowledgeable people who discuss all sorts of issues that cleft kids/parents have.
Well, I hope that helps...keep up the great job of documenting all the steps that Ian is going through. He's a cutie pie!
Blessings, Allison

John, Shannon, Broderick, Camden, and Adalynn said...

We use the Nuby too...but Adalynn is still not really successful with it. We just took a paring knife and made the slits bigger to help, but she still could care less and her sippy ends up spending most of its time on the floor rather than her tray.

Good luck on Tuesday. Make sure you stay on top of the nurses about pain meds-they tend to forget. Also be sure you ask for the food guide from the nurses station. There are tons of places that will deliver to SR so you don't have to worry about getting nourished yourself. Also take a pair of old socks (with the feet cut off) to cover up the arm restraints. They have velcro on them that is really hard and Adalynn scratched up her face pretty badly before we though of covering them. I used those fuzzy lounging type socks and they worked great.

Good luck and keep us posted. I can't wait to see photos!