Thursday, March 6, 2008

New language

We're starting to use sign language with Ian. I have known for several years that I wanted to teach my child sign language. Of course, he will not be able to produce any signs for a few months. However, I am looking forward to the time when he can communicate in other ways besides crying. I've read some very good things about using ASL(American Sign Language), including the ability to produce spoken words sooner. Doing so can reduce the amount of stress on Ian since he will be capable of letting others know what is wrong. It is not going to be an easy task, but as long as we are consistent, things should go well. Wish us luck!


Jessica said...

i think it's very cool you're thinking about teaching ian ASL:) there's nothing cuter than little kids signing! and as always, i love seeing new pictures of him, he is getting so big!! love yall, jessica b.

The Ski's said...

Good for you!!!! I had a total inclusive classroom for several years with the hearing impaired unit placed in my room. I had a full time interpreter and learned to sign fairly fluently after having the unti there for 3 years straight. I love sign..and will look through my piles to see if I have any materials to ship out to you that may be of help! Good for you...and best of luck!!! Ian will catch on so quickly you will be amazed!!!!! Take care!

Darcy said...

That's awesome. When Rachel was little, she knew the sign for 'please'. Since learning to talk, she's lost the signs she knew.

Do you already have a book or program you're going to use??

If you're interested, I have "SIgn With Your Baby" by Joseph Garcia that I would love to send to you! Let me know!