Saturday, March 29, 2008

To the doctor's office we go

Thursday, we went to the surgeon's office to do the pre-op. Everything went fine there. The NP explained exactly what they would be doing during the procedure. Dr. Williams, the plastic surgeon, will be correcting the lip and muscle surrounding the cleft. He will also be stitching together the gums to make a complete "U". There is a medical term for this, but I do not have the paperwork in front of me right now. If Ian's gums had a space greater than 3mm on either side of the cleft, the surgeon would leave them as is. However, since the right side is touching and the left side is at about 2mm, he will stitch them together.

Friday, we went to see Dr. Granger for the last time in a very long time. Next time we see him Ian will be 6 years old. He made the final adjustments to the NAM, adding a piece between the nose stints to create an indention at the base of the nose.

Ian with Dr. Granger.

We also went to do pre-op at the Day Surgery Center on Friday. Ian had another physical to make sure he's ready for the big day. He weighed 16.3 pounds, but this was with all clothes and a full belly, and he is 26 inches long. He's grown over an inch and a half in less than a month! Since Ian's pediatrician did hear a heart murmur at the 4-month healthy visit, the nurse decided it was best to do an echo cardiogram of his heart. He was such a good boy, laughing and playing with the echo tech the whole time! Luckily, the results were normal. However, there is a part where two arteries did not completely connect, but this is supposedly very common and nothing to worry about. The nurse said since he's still so young, there is a possibility that it may fix itself.

Now we just sit and wait until Tuesday...

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The Ski's said...

Oh, wow.....only a 2 mm difference on the lip...that is AWESOME! Reid was at 25mm at the start of this process on the right side, and now we are less than 12mm on that side, and the left is about at 5 mm. We are getting there. I can't get over how Ian is trying to sit and get around so well. What a monkey!!!! Reid would like to just stand all day. I think next week he may just walk to the refrigerator! : ) No signs of wanting to crawl here. He gets frustrated on his belly...because he just spits up so much when we try it. We still do it...just for small intervals of time. We are thinking about you all....can't wait to hear how everything goes. Take care and be well.....big hugs to Ian.